Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Frighty Delights

September's always full of autumn-y anticipation for me, even if I can't catch the aroma of an applewood bonfire wafting on the crisp breeze or gather and press the brilliant leaves cascading from the maple trees. (The only seasons we experience in Florida are "Hurricane" and "July Fourth in Hell"! lol) Even so, I still get into the Fall spirit and try to ease my longing for 'real' fall by making Halloween goodies. I also try to throw in a few harvest themed items, but Halloweenies just seem to hold me over best. Thanks for peeking at my past makings....comments welcome as always! Hugs, Andie

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Keely said...

Very nice, indeed!!! I am The Queen o' Halloween, and I used to tell them at work that Halloween (and more specifically 'Beggar's Night') was my High Holy Day, and I therefore could not be expected to work!!! [grin]