Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's Buzzzz.... new ink! I've wanted to get this done ever since I FINALLY found just the right bee to use in my logo. Two weeks ago, I stopped at both of the most reputable shops in town, and BOTH were swamped. I stopped again at Black Swan Tattoos right after guessed it....busy until about 9pm. I wasn't gonna go back this evening (was gonna wait till Saturday noon), but that small quiet voice whispered "Getcher hiney down there and get that ink willya?!" Many thanks to Rebecca....I'll definitely have more of her artwork! =0]


SweetAnnee said...

Oh Andie..I love it .. Tis classy and buzzing.

fondly, Deena

I've always wanted ONE
but mine would be a bird.

dawn said...

andie, i lurve your new ink!!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Andie ~
soooo cute ! I have heard tattoos are addictive ~

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ah luvs bees...but don't like to get stung...and needles? Oh hayall no!


Lisa said...


Love the new ink. I especially love the story that goes along with the bee.

Have a great weekend.


Kimmie said...

You got inked! How Kewl! I love your Bee! Tis Perfect like you said. You are so brave, I haven't been inked yet, they tell me I can't because of health issues. Drats!!! Thats what I say! I may defy them someday...and when I do, mine will be the paw print of a honor all that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge without having a choice.

Your Blog is the colors, very comforting.

Kimmie in OP

Kimmie said...

Hey Andie!

You've Been Tagged! Please come to my blog and get the directions for this one...It Is Fun!