Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More love...

from my sweet friend Betty of Primitive Betty's has given me another "Make My Day" award! Thank you chicklet...I just can't get over receiving these! =0]

She also tagged me to tell 5 more "Odd Things/Things You May Not Know About Me". Soooo.....heeeere we go!

1. The only "good" jewelry I own in my wedding band and the amethyst ring I got for my birthday this year.

2. I have never owned ANYTHING designer except cologne.

3. I LOVE the smell of good rich black dirt!

4. My very first celebrity crush was Donny Osmond.

5. I like the Lawrence Welk show. =0]

I am tagging and awarding my friends:

Karen@Sweet Necessi-Teas
Cathy@Treasured Heirlooms
Sharon@C'est Chouette
Amy@The Cottage Gate
Valerie@Wanderlust & Pixie Dust

I also have another bit of good news, but I'll make it another post! Luvins!


patisserie chef said...

Hi Andie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a nice comment..I was laughing at your comment ~ Chicklet! So cute.
Have a good day!

Pei Li

Kimmie said...

Hi Andie!
Still waiting to hear that news you are holding out on! Winks!

I think your answers to your questions were great. Fresh clean dirt huh? Ewww...I don't like dirt at all. I wear gloves when I pot anything. LOL!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.