Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"Each day, take time to imagine your heart being filled with peace. Go through your day creating peace within yourself and within your environment. Treat yourself and others in loving, peaceful ways. Live a life filled with peace.

We can only create peace in our world by first creating peace within ourselves."
- Rev. Claudia McNeely

I get a monthly newsletter from Rev. Claudia called Lightworks. I don't really remember why I signed up for it, but although I am a Christian, I believe there's merit to other religious teachings outside Christianity. Basically anytime there's an opportunity to learn a lesson about being a better person, I think it's a good thing. Am I a little odd? Weeeell duuuh! lol Am I a bit eccentric in my faith? I'd say so. Do I believe I'm going to Hell because I give consideration to other than Christian religion? Honestly I don't.....but there ARE those who would disagree. And that's just fine with me.
My point in posting this particular meandering is this: In this world so fraught with people treating others atrociously, with such economic chaos, with hatred and evil and upheval and war and mudslinging and on and on and on.....those of us who seek calm, beauty, goodness, light, and yes, even peace-we have NO OTHER choice but to start within ourselves. Think of it....if each of us find that place where WE are peace, doesn't it make sense the world would be peace?
Thanks for lissenin' to the ramblings of this craftynuttydreamermakergirl! Luvins! xoxo


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I have been so saddened lately how people flock to hatred. Less frustration and peace within myself has been a goal this week.

Silena said...

I think you are right on!!!!!! Hey, hey for peace!!! Why can't we just love one another regardless of race, color, religion or anything else!??? Let us do our part and spread the peace and lets start with the peace within ourselves!! Your rambling is good!!!

Kiamyka said...

Hi Andrea, What a lovely quote that is. As I read it I pondered how we could also replace the word "peace" with others, such as "love", "understanding", "kindness" etc.
Thanks for makin me smile
xx Chris