Monday, October 20, 2008

Show and Tell Monday Redux

Well, cats and kitties, it IS technically still Monday right?! lol
Ever have that feelin' that if ONE MORE THING happens that requires even a fleeting thought, your brain will totally utterly disintegrate? Well sweetpeas, that's EXACTLY how I feel right about now. So in all honesty, I put off Show and Tell Monday, fully intending to forgo it this week. Then I got to thinkin' (I know right?! I just said...)---I can't let all this extraneous cosmic chatter stop me from doin' exactly what I want and NEED to do! I can't allow fear to seep in and take root in my spirit....and I WON'T.
So here's what I listed on eBay this week:

It's a little woolen pinkeep atop a bitty treasure box. The wool tweed is from an old tattered suitcoat Devon used for Halloween one year. The box is painted and distressed for an aged look . There's still a little time on it if you'd like to pop over and peek. Type BLESTB in the search'll find me there amongst some very talented maker gals. =0)
Thank ya'll for stoppin' really does mean the world to me! xoxo Andie


lisa said...

Andie ~

Love your new pinkeep. I save every piece of fabric I get my hands on too.


Inka Thomas said...

Hi Andie,
I know what you mean about having one more thing to do. I am beat. Mondays are the worst!!! I love your pin keep. You are turning out some really nice stuff girlie!!! Your shelves will be stocked before long...well maybe not. Things are going to keep flying off of them!!! LOL
Later gator,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Andie ~
That is as precious as life can get !! I just love it and it is perfect for fall ~

Cottage Flair said...

It always seems like there are too many things in a day no matter what time you go to bed. That pinkeep is just adorable.

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Hi Andie,
It's amazing what one can do with a little piece of material from a tattered old suitcoat and a little box. Very sweet and very creative!!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Andie,

The woolen pinkeep is so cute. It's amazing you can think of creative ways to recycle fabrics, materials!

Pei Li

gail said...

Andie, I love this pinkeep, its just adorable, and I am sure it will be snatched up in record time..

Its been crazy here too. So we take a deeeep breath and try and always find time for our passion! Have a great week my friend..luv,gail

Patricia said...

Andie I love the wool for this time of year, looks adorable on the box. Very nice job.
Always feed the soul first, I'm learning. The rest will follow. You know "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". We have to keep our balance to balance everything else, sweetpea.


Silena said...

Hi Andie,
Well, you know the old saying, "better late than never"!! I think we've all been there at least a few times. I'm glad that you made it, even if its later, because your pin and needle keep is just delightful. So much fun to see your handwork!!

Debbie said...

Hi Andie....I hope things settle down for you soon. That pinkeep makes me think of a cactus for some reason...LOL You are so creative!

Pink hugs,

Debbie said...
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Susan said...

That would look wonderful with some old pearlized millinery pins...I love that soft color!
Susan *dutchrose*

Melissa said...

I just love the name of your blog. Sassy sweet :)

Melissa said...

I nominated you for the Marie Antoinette award- go to my blog to find out more!

Lilli Blue said...

Girl... talk to me about the extraneous cosmic chatter........ohhhhhhh!Unless it is telling me I just won the lotto it can hush.
I have a bunch of those little boxes and don't know what the heck to do with them.
Well we know you are not a sleepin' bee. Nice job on the new pin keep. Lilli