Saturday, December 6, 2008

Technicolor Dreamcoat

Well, maybe not technically, but the girl's got her swagger back! My makergirlfriend Dianne gave me some words of wisdom the other night which gave way to a little introspection. Then my lil headgears went to turnin'...I couldn't I gave all that thought an outlet. My new look is the result....pretty, vivid, inspiring, HAPPY colors!

Glory be chile! It's such a refreshement in these troubled times. Some of you know that the disturbia that is our present world had insipidly invaded my home, my relationship and indeed, my soul. I felt a weight....overwhelming, suffocating, oppressive darkness that seemed to literally crush me...mind, body and spirit. That is SOOOOOOOOOO not Andie! Andie is brash, bright, bold, givesaflip what anyone thinks of her antics, dances whenever she feels like it/wherever she feels like it, probably sings the song off key at the top of her voice while she dances, loves skinart, lets her hair fly in the wind, waves at strangers, wears sparkly MaryJane sneakers and generally colors outside the lines.

Well, I'm diggin' out my coloring books and my big ole 64 box of Crayolas, and I'm gonna color whatever/whenever/wherever I damn well please! And I don't care if ya' get mad at me for leavin' crayons in the sun to melt...I'm makin' a NEW can bet THAT!


Teriann said...

Hi Chickie!!!

I like it!! WOW... see??? I told you this was fun! Now you don't want to get off the ride, do you?



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh Andie ~~~ I just adore it !! It definitely definitely matches your personality ~~
You go girl !!

Dianne Hadaway said...

THAT'S my Andie girl!! I love it girlfriend! It's Andie-licious! You put this blog on RAWK RAWK, it's definition - HOT HOT!! (yeah, I'm channeling Fergie!)... and they be line'n down the block just to see what 'chu got!!

Hee hee! I'm so NOT 52!!

Lilli Blue said...

Andie got her groove back!i'm with ya sister. i have blond hair dye on my head as i post this. i am turning back time. (In my best cher voicelol) Lilli

Patricia said...

Way to go Andie! This is the Andie we all know and love. Now don't go losing her again,


Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

Don't worry girlitas! I have her on a FABULOUS aurora borealis Swarovski crystal blinged out hot pink leash.....albeit a quite LONG one! lol

La Donna Welter said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! I love your space! : )
La Donna

SweetAnnee said...

sounds like me
crazy and lovin it

fondly, deena