Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day, 'Maters and Musings

I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters who have gone before me.....

On a lighter note, here's a few more fresh 'maters ready to be picked. I know I know...'maters don't REALLY grow in such riotous colors, but ANYTHING'S possible in Andie's garden! :o) So get your pick on...c'mon yanno ya love my delicious offerings!

Having said that (about ANYTHING being possible in my garden), I'ma speak on the issue of different and gardens and possibilities. Y'all know there are certain arts on the brink of fading away. Y'all know that I firmly believe in seein' that DOES NOT happen. I have the utmost respect for traditional ways, especially in quilting/embroidery/clothing design, etc. HOWEVER...and I DO mean HOWEVER...there is NO question in my mind that in order to preserve these traditions and see that they are never lost, they MUST evolve. Evolution means doing whatever is necessary to make a particular art relevant now so it's learned and passed on. To do THAT ya' gotta give tradition an EDGE....yep I said EDGE!!! (OMG y'all don't go runnin' and screamin' like Godzilla's after ya'!) Traditionalist weren't always traditionalists yo! They were innovators, experimenters, ground breakers, imaginators, free thinkers, willy nillyers....they got they swag on when there wasn't no such thang as swag. They didn't let NOBODY box 'em in, tie 'em down, blind their visions, crush their dreams...they RAWKED the dang thang! Now I could be wrong about this, but I don't hardly think so...I think the traditionalists would applaud ANYBODY who brought a lil edge to an art 'cuz they know it's goin' on for at least another generation....
Just my humble opinion y'all....thanx for lissenin'...xoxo Andie


gail said...

Hi Andie,, Happy Memorial Day! I know you are a vet as well :) I love your maters! I know they have been doing well for you, so you just keep on planting!lol
I agree with your opinion also. Lots to think about there, but it really makes sense to me. Thanks for giving me something to ponder for the week :)
hugs, gail

Debbie said...

Hi Andie....I LOVE your maters! How nice to have an indoor garden that blooms in any color you can imagine. :)


Mistymoon_light said...

Andie, you always, ALWAYS make me smile!!!