Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dating Joe

Every morning, even in the presence of my husband, I have a date with Joe. I've been dating him three decades and two years. That's WAAAAY over twice as many years as I have been married THIS time around. Joe didn't have anything to do with my first two marriages breaking up. Even if he did, I couldn't let him go. Noooo, he played no part in that at all, so I'm not concerned he'll have an effect on my current marriage. Unless of course I MISS my date with Joe. Hoooo boy, THEN there will be some issues for certain! Something about that special aroma he exudes, that full body and luscious copper tone brown as he sits there, so steamy and hot......mmmmmmmmmmmm!
How many of YOU carry on such a love affair with your coffee? ;o)
Enjoy your day! xoxo


Holly Loves Art said...

What a cute post! I really don't want to admit this... but I will. Several years ago I tried the Cafe Francais International coffee... the one in the tin! Yes.. I know it's not real coffee... but it's sooo good. I still get lattes when I am out and about or when I travel but for the most part I just love the fake stuff. So yes, I love the morning ritual of coffee! Even if it is not fresh brewed.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL, well honestly I don't function very well without my first kiss with Joe. Only need one BUT I neeeeeeed it.