Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reworking Rejections Part Deux

After quite a lot of thought and introspection, I'm not so sure the site that rejected me is for ME after all. Usually, upon being rejected, one thinks along the lines of: "Why am I not the ideal person for this? What makes ME wrong for them?" Or some such nonsense.....
Well, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with ME. I'm not a fit for them, so dang what?! Big deal! I can't be everything to everyone anyway, which is perfectly fine with me. Sure it might be cool to review a certain product, or book, or CD/whatever thing it may be and then put the review into writing. However, I don't really want my blog to be about product reviews. Unless of course the products are lovely handmade crafty whatnots such as I make myself. I'd be HAPPY to have a blogfull of those kinds of reviews! So I think I'll just let it be.....continue making pinkeeps, whatnots & whimsies and hopefully selling them....and be happy come what may!
xoxo AndieBee

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