Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Need A Little Christmas

Don't you just love that old fashioned Christmas feeling? I know I do, and I made up this pin keep and treasure box with that feeling in mind. Stitched up in traditional shades of red and green with touches of brown and black, a sweet little cardinal and a prim Christmas tree grace the pin keep. Rusty dressmaker pins and a red button pinned on with a rusty safety pin add rustic adornment. It's backed with a homespun check, and worked up on osnaburg...all specially aged of course! The paper mache' treasure box is hand painted outside with a prim finish of dark green, and the inside with black. The wool pincushion topping it is handmade of pine green herringbone for the top and a plain pine green bottom. It's securely attached to the lid with sturdy upholstery thread and a vintage button underneath the lid. Plenty of room to keep a thimble, buttons or any other small treasures inside and your pins and needles right on top! The box measures approx. 3" across, and the pin keep measures approx. 5" W x 4" H. Kept together or separated, this sweet pair would make a perfect gift for you or loved ones! Priced at just $22 + shipping, how can you go wrong? Thanks for shopping with me!