Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Futuristic Vibe

Old patterns can be discarded now as it is time for the future, not the past. Thus saith my horoscope for today. Now mind you, I DO take such things as horoscopes with a grain (or two) of salt...but this is just sooooo on point for me. I'm an artist who firmly believes in saving old techniques and art forms that are dangerously close to becoming lost forever. I have never found it difficult to interpret them for today and the future. TOOOTALLY different story when it comes to my personal self. I get so content in my comfort zone, I miss out on a LOTTA good stuff. Yes I'm afraid of personal change. (there....I SAID IT) Yes I've been "shushed" my entire life for one reason or another, by others who thought me too "TOO" and by myself as a means of self preservation. But yanno what?! I'm BUSTIN' OUTTA this joint TODAY!! Time to live fully and OUT LOUD! (yeah I watch the Oxygen channel too but it's destined to be a Loud Gal's mantra) There are just too many opportunities out there to hide MY LIGHT under a bushel.....SHINE BABY SHINE! :o)

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